Wednesday Wordage – Anfractuous



Say: an-FRAK-chuh-wus

Another fancy word I’ll be gunning to fit in a piece of creative writing sometime in the near future, A.K.A. tonight.

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Wednesday Wordage – Neophyte

a-budding-tigress-1239094 Neophyte Say: NEE-uh-fyte. As a bit of a neophyte myself, I thought that this would be an interesting word for this weeks wordage. To be a neophyte at something, is to be a beginner or a novice. If I ever pick up astrophysics I’ll be an astrophysics neophyte. Continue reading “Wednesday Wordage – Neophyte”

Wednesday Wordage – Umbra


Say: Um-Brah

Sometimes we need an unnecessary and fancy word to describe the simplest of things.

Umbra is a word used to describe a shaded area and is the basis of words such as umbrella, penumbra and umbrage. It can also describe a conical shadow excluding all light from a given source and the center of sunspots (the dark spots you can see on the sun with special equipment.)

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Wednesday Wordage – Truculent


Say: tru·cu·lent

Finally getting back into my routine, here is a fancy word for y’all today.

Truculent is a lovely word to describe a person, animal or group that is eager or quick to argue or pick a fight. It can also describe something that is aggressively defiant. A nice word to describe a fierce rebel group, or prisoner who refuses to be broken, or maybe even just a stubborn fish that wouldn’t let you reel it in (Oh yes I have a Moby Dick of a trout that is still out there, laughing at me somewhere.) Continue reading “Wednesday Wordage – Truculent”

Wednesday Wordage – Diaphanous


Say: Die-a-fa-nus

Back for another one of those fancy words we all love so much. Diaphanous is another one of those words that describes an extreme of something.

In the case of the word diaphanous it refers to the extreme thinness and translucency of a fabric. It can also be used to describe something characterized by extreme delicacy of form or something ethereal. Another way it can be used is to describe something vague or insubstantial – (had only a diaphanous hope of success.)

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Wednesday Wordage – Supercilious


Say – Super-silly-us

This word sounds like the kind of word the person it’s describing would use in day to day conversation, but don’t worry, it’s still okay to use in your writing! As for when I discovered this word, I believe it was when I was a lot younger than I am now and wanted a fancy word to use against someone who was bullying me at the time, but I can’t be entirely sure.

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Wednesday Wordage – Somnambulant

Sleeping SisterSomnambulant

Say: som·nam·byu·lant

I find myself somnambulant today, as in, I have the characteristics of a sleepwalker, being very sluggish. This is a strange word, it took me a while to get my tongue round it, not because its complex or anything, simply because sometimes my brain doesn’t work, like when I was five or six and every time I tried to say soldiers I’d say shoulders instead, but I digress.

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