Versimilitude in Chatoyant Petrichor: Wednesday Wordage

No matter how many of these posts I do, there never seems to be an end to the words I discover. I’m beginning to wonder if the English language is infinite! Well, in some ways I suppose it is. With new words being added to the dictionary all the time, the only language-limiting factor seems to be time. While some of the more recent additions don’t particularly fit into the theme of Wednesday Wordage – twerk and selfie being the pertinent examples – I’m sure that more incredibly, needlessly, horrifically complicated words are on their way.

In fact, the first word on this list is incredibly, needlessly, horrifically complicated. Not to mention that it focuses on a very specific definition (of course), but isn’t that what we’re here for?

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An Obstreperous Concatenation of Adumbration: Wednesday Wordage

Yes, the title makes no sense. Yes, it’s the use of big words for big word’s sake. No, I’m not going to change it!

There is a therapeutic quality that comes with leafing through a dictionary and looking for a new word, and there is always a new word. It’s something I particularly enjoy, searching through the dictionary. I tend to avoid looking at online dictionaries if I can help it, not because they are bad, inaccurate, or incomplete, but rather because there is no opportunity to roam pages full of other words. How else would one stumble upon words such as adumbrate?

We English speakers and writers are spoilt for choice when it comes to our lexicon, and it would be a shame if we didn’t take full advantage of the varied vocabulary afforded to us. This is where Wednesday Wordage comes in. Every week I’ll bring three new – unnecessarily fancy – words to the table, and all you have to do is pick the ones you like and throw them at your friends.

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A Solipsist’s Grandiloquent Susurrus: Wednesday Wordage

Anybody who knows me personally is thrilled (horrified) whenever I learn a new word. In fact, they can’t wait to hear me use that word in every single possible context during conversation or Facebook communication. Okay, perhaps it is an annoying habit, but it is hard to deny that learning a new thing is exciting.

So, here we are! Standing on the threshold, watching the reincarnation of the weekly post about words here on LiteraryFuzz. In the previous years, I have written Wednesday Wordage in a single word to single post format. With the advent of the new year, I decided that the way this blog was written needed to change; hence the focus on a more long-form post style. With this in mind, the board of directors (me) made an executive decision (just thought of the idea now) to include three words with each post.

Without further adieu, let us indulge in some grandiloquence and talk about those funky words.

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Wednesday Wordage | Vertiginous

The weekly word. The section of the blog where I chose a word, define it, and give examples.



Say: ver-tijuh-nuh s


  1. extremely high or steep.
  2. whirling; spinning; rotary:
  3. affected with vertigo; dizzy
  4. inclined to frequent and often pointless change

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