It’s been a busy week. Therefore, I haven’t been able to write a blog post with which I was happy enough to put out today.

But do not despair!

I thought it would be nice to share a little fifty-word story of mine that was featured on a little while back. I wrote it for this blog when I was just starting out and didn’t have much of a following.

I hope you enjoy it.

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An Unfortunate Thief

Slimy little things burst like filthy pustules between his toes; a carpet of pestilential slug-like things that dwelt beneath the city.

He’d lost his shoes in the mire, the guards short after.

When he checked his bag he found a bullet-shaped hole.

He hadn’t lost them, they’d stopped for gold.

A story in fifty words, every Sunday.

The Alchemist

Tarren Vaux, it was rumoured, could transmogrify the hair of beautiful ladies into gold.

The gravity of avarice pulled women from all around the country to him. They would wake up with their hair golden in exchange for a single night.

Tarren Vaux always disappeared.

His trick? Blonde hair dye.

I’m getting back into fifty-word stories now. it’s been just over a year since I last wrote one, so I’m a little rusty.

More of these to come every Sunday.


Going to Ground.

50 word story:

The raging of the hounds echoes behind me, the pounding of their footsteps is nothing compared to the heavy barrage of the horses hooves.

I squeeze myself into my burrow, safe from the snapping, salivating jaws of my pursuers.

Safe, until the machines come roaring. Silence. Shovels strike the earth.