Thank You, Mum

A day, almost certainly, doesn’t cut it.

Mother’s day has long been associated with cards, flowers, and the general giving of gifts to a maternal figure, but it is about so much more than that. It is a celebration of a lifetime devoted to a child, a celebration of unconditional love, and a celebration of the influence of mothers in society.

I’m lucky to have a mum like mine — a great woman who I can thank for so many things. She has instilled in me a love of reading and writing that has become central to who I am; supported me through my every endeavour; and because she believes in me, I can believe in myself.

I can write all the poems, all the stories, and the speeches in the world, but it’ll be a drop in the ocean of all the things my mum has done for me.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mum. Here is a poem dedicated to you.


There is nobody quite like mum,
She always does what must be done.
And even when her self is stressed
For you, she’ll do whatever’s best.

Her smile, the sunlight, leads the way
That chases all the bad away.
Cause when your mum is close and near
You realise there’s nowt to fear.

And when you’re in her warm embrace,
You know that you have found your place.
And when you walk back through the door
You know that you need nothing more.

So thank you, mum, for all you’ve done
Because to me, it means a tonne.
I hope you know that you’re the best
Because, to have you, I’m truly blessed.

Thanks for reading.

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