Wednesday Wordage | Vertiginous

The weekly word. The section of the blog where I chose a word, define it, and give examples.



Say: ver-tijuh-nuh s


  1. extremely high or steep.
  2. whirling; spinning; rotary:
  3. affected with vertigo; dizzy
  4. inclined to frequent and often pointless change

I enjoy this word simply because of its versatility.First known use: 1608

Origin: Latin vertiginosus, from vertigin-, vertigo

Synonyms include: Dizzy, revolving, unstable, high.

Antonyms include: Steady, stable, clearheaded.

My usage:

It pushed me over,
Some vertiginous notion,
Begging me to fly.

Usage examples:

Insomnia is a vertiginous lucidity that can convert paradise itself into a place of torture.

– Emil Cioran

They took in the basement in vertiginous flights as the lens swept back and forth.
– The Kill Clause, Gregg Hurwitz

Are there any words that you love? They don’t have to be complicated, just drop me a comment and tell me what word and why. I love hearing from you all.

Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “Wednesday Wordage | Vertiginous

  1. Affected with vertigo as I am, all four of these could apply at the same time. Standing on top of a high peak, head spinning, feeling dizzy, and wondering what made me change my mind and climb this dad-blessed mountain in the first place. Great word.
    My word for the day is caramelize. As in, what happens when you heat butter and sugar to a certain temp and keep stirring. I chose it because initially, I spelled it wrong (carmelize). Have a great day, Jordan. 🙂

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